Eco Stay Catba Bungalows - Nurtured by Nature

Eco Stay Catba Bungalows - Nurtured by Nature


Nurtured by Nature

Nestled deep in the energetic heart center of the island, our green sanctuary lies among the rich and verdant landscapes of the tropical Jungle. With spanning lush forest of mangroves as far as the eye can see, charming villages steeped in profound local customs, pristine ancient forests, and centuries-old temples beneath the coconut shell mountain of Catba, you as our family will have the opportunity to truly unify with nature and enjoy an intimate reunion with mother earth.

With no traffic to speak of, you won’t hear the horns, sirens, and construction noise of the city or the bustling clamour of hotels and nightlife found in the well-touristed areas of Catba. In our oasis of peace, you will bathe in the sounds of the waterfall as it flows outside of your rice water bungalow, take refuge in the rhythmic symphony of jungle insects, and feel the light breeze as it passes by and shakes the coconut trees.

Staying with us is an opportunity for you to reset your batteries, but also to let your body detox on a deepest level. Everything you’ll be consuming here is grown on-site, using organic ingredients and sustainability practices, and harvested with loving hands before each meal. The water is as pure as the food, as it comes straight from the spring and is additionally filtered. And your skin will be treated with equal respect and care, as our shower gels, shampoos, and insect repellants are all made of the goodness of this land.

When you awaken in the morning to open your eyes, only then will you realize that this was not just a beautiful dream, but rather that you have arrived at last. Welcomed to Eco Stay Catba.

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