Cat Ba Archipelago - World Biosphere Reserve

Cat Ba Archipelago - World Biosphere Reserve

Welcome to Cat Ba Island

Almost half of Cat Ba Island (with a total area of 354 sq km) and 90 sq km of the adjacent waters were declared a national park in 1986 to protect the island’s diverse ecosystems. Most of the coastline consists of rocky cliffs, but there are some sandy beaches and tiny fishing villages hidden away in small coves.

Lakes, waterfalls and grottoes dot the spectacular limestone hills, the highest rising 331m above sea level. The island’s largest body of water is Ech Lake (3 hectares). Blue Swimmer Adventures will help you venture off the beaten tracks like no Other in this stunning Wonder of Nature

Dark and Bright cave: Exploring Dark and Bright cave, the best way is doing kayaking and swimming through the tunnel. While the Bright Cave is always available, the Dark Cave can be swallowed by the tide and difficult to pass through
Dark and Bright (also known as Day and Night) grotto is not only known for the stunning limestone structure at every turn but also for the interesting natural habitat. On the cliff one still find traces of fossils of fresh-water snails, which prove that the cave was inhabited thousands of years ago. Monkeys run to and fro in groups, benjamin fig trees shade the landscape and many orchids hang their sweet-scented flowers.

Not many attractions are blessed with such a stunning beauty and diverse ecosystem as Ha Long Bay, and the Day and Night Grotto rightfully deserves as a an inevitable part of the Heritage stie.

When you visit Halong Bay, don’t spend your time only for Amazing cave, there will be another cave worth to discover, especially Dark and Bright cave (Toi and Sang cave). Believe me, this is the best choice for kayaking as well as swimming or photo hunts.

This is area belong to Halong bay, but it’s on the border of Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay. It’s far from Surprise cave area around 2kms and will be take 02 hour more. The system of islets is really imposing. Just at the base of the islands, there is an arched entrance leads to the grotto right at the water level. Passing through the natural entrance, visitor will see a tranquil round lake, surrounded by luxuriant trees and different sized stone walls. There are weeping fig trees shading inside and many orchids hang their sweet-scented flowers. The Dark Cave is the long and dark one, which will require a torch to be handed for visitors beforehand. In contrast, the Bright Cave is short, and you can see the other bright side from this side

Exploring Dark and Bright cave, the best way is doing kayaking and swimming through the tunnel. While the Bright Cave is always available, the Dark Cave can be swallowed by the tide and difficult to pass through. Surely, you will surprise with amazing limestone islets and mountain in this area. Controlling your kayak and explore each corner of Dark and Bright cave by your style

Inside the grotto, the lake is surrounded by mountains. On the cliff one still find traces of fossils of fresh-water snails, which prove that men used to live there and this must have been a deep valley then.

The beauty of the Dark and Bright cave is the mingling of a number of factors: the mountain’s size and form, the color of the water and the clouds. Please come to join us on this lovely adventurous journey and authentic cruises

Cai Beo floating fishing village
If you have a chance to travel to Ha Long Bay, you do not forget to visit Cai Beo floating fishing village and experience overnight stay at Eco Floating Farmstay Cai Beo. When sailing near this place, Ba Trai Dao exposes as a splendid fairy, prominent on the shimmering blue sea waters. Cai Beo is an ancient fishing village located in Ha Long Bay, about 1 km South of Cat Ba Island. Hang Vem fishing floating village is one of the tourist destinations attracting many domestic and foreign tourists to visit each year. It is a simple fishing village, located near Thien Cung, a beautiful and extremely famous wonder of Ha Long Bay. Let’s come and explore the paradise on Ha Long Bay.

The location is quite convenient for tourists because it is about 100m from the mainland and is just behind the tourist point Cat Ba town, Cai Beo fishing village is the ideal stop for tourists to explore nature. Cai Beo is only a few hundred hectares of land covered by islands soaring and attractive by deep caves.

Transportation to the floating fishing village
You can easily travel to the floating village by boat cruise every day. During this tour, you can visit Cai Beo floating fishing village and take part in water activities such as swimming, kayaking, and diving. Thanks to the favorable geographical location in Ha Long tourist area, Ba Hang fishing village is always on the list of attractive tourist attractions of travel companies, such as Ethnic Voyage.

Travellers can book such below trips to visit Cai Beo village:

The origin of the name Cai Beo
The name of Cai Beo is derived from the fact that when the tide goes up and down, there will also appear floating caves - and then the boats can easily walk through the cave. This is a quite similar form of tourism in Tam Coc, Trang An in Ninh Binh

You can go kayaking yourself at the foot of the great limestone mountains built over millions of years of history, peacefully watching a Ha Long bay and Lan Ha bay never closer to so, a famous destination and a paradise on earth.

Unforgettable fishing village experience in Cai Beo

150 households
Cai Beo floating village attracts many tourists not only by the peaceful atmosphere but also by the charming landscape and the life itself of the fishing village. The fishing village has about 150 households. Most of the households do fishing to live.

The members of a family in the fishing village live only in the house of about 5-10 m2 with the very simple equipment and utensils. However, visitors can still catch the happy and friendly smile of Cai Beo fishermen when visiting this place.

Experience the life of the fishermen
Recently, when many visitors to the fishing village, some households have turned to tourism services such as selling seafood to tourists. Coming to the Cai Beo fishing village, visitors not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountain, the sea, and the sky but also to experience the life of the fishermen all year round fishing in the sea. If you would like us to arrange a tour escorted by local fishmen to explore floating villages  and fish farms in Lan Ha bay, please contact us Hotline/WhatsApp: +84 912 555 208

Activities for visitors
When night falls, visitors are sailing offshore with the fishing villagers, you will drop the net to fish by yourselves. There are also many interesting activities such as boat trips to visit the bay at night.

When you spend the night in Ba Hang floating fishing village with fishermen, you can participate in squid fishing and enjoy the fresh seafood with great taste in the fresh air of the sea. This will be an interesting part of your journey to Ha Long Bay.

Kayaking at Lan Ha bay
In the daytime, you can take a scenic trip here. This place is used as a scene for the Skull Island movie. Thanks to this movie, the reputation of Cai Beo also increased dramatically. The main place of kayaking in Cai Beo is located in the Lan Ha bay, 30 km from Tuan Chau.

Tourists from the cruise ship will stop here before choosing a self-service kayak or hire a boat driver. Just like visiting another sea, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the extremely attractive seafood dishes such as salad jelly, squid, and shrimp... in the restaurant or local people’s house.

If you are planning to travel to Ha Long Bay please remember to visit Ba Hang floating fishing village to discover all the beauty that nature has given this natural wonder of the world. It will make you, your family and your friends feel great with the relaxing moments under the clear blue sky.

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